Sixth form

Open Evening: Thursday 28th November 2019

You will be aware that at Ash Green School the levels of examination success and outcomes generally are exceptional. In the Sixth Form we aim for the same to be true and to ensure that each and every student that joins our Sixth Form will achieve their absolute best.

Where to study at Post 16 is an important choice and one you must consider carefully.

If you are a previous student of AGS you will know that:

  • We provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities
  • The standard of support you will receive in undertaking your studies is outstanding
  • You will have the opportunity to be part of a school and sixth form where you really matter and where you can contribute to the life of the school whilst at the same time be part of an individual sixth form

Ash Green School welcomes applications to our outstanding sixth form from students that are not currently part of Ash Green School. If you are a student joining AGS Sixth Form from another school then you need to know that:

  • At AGS you receive high quality proven education and learning
  • You will receive individual care and support so that YOU achieve YOUR best
  • You will have the benefit of being part of a school with excellent results whilst at the same time being part of an individual sixth form unit

I really hope you will take the opportunity to join our AGS Sixth Form and I look forward to you being part of it and contributing to life at AGS as well as securing your own future by the excellent results you will achieve. I promise you that you will be part of a sixth form that your friends envy and where you are happy and successful.

To find out more and arrange a visit, please contact: