Whole School Elective Home-Learning Programme

At AGS we realise that many of our students wish to look for additional opportunities to extend and improve their learning, academic development and wellbeing. To this end we offer ‘Elective Opportunities for Home-Learning’ on a weekly basis.

Mondays – ‘Planning My Weekly Priorities’ Many students feel disorganised or indeed overwhelmed at the beginning of the week so we invite you to complete a ‘Planning My Weekly Priorities’ FORM each Monday for the week ahead. Here you can reflect on and plan out your key priorities for the week so that you feel more organised and focused as the week progresses. Tutors & school leaders can use this information to help support students and recognise (with reward points) those who are engaging with their own planning and development.

Thursdays – ‘Careers Exploration & Pathways’
Renewed on a weekly basis, these activities will help you explore careers, plan pathways for you future, investigate Further & Higher Educational Opportunities, understand CIEAG-based terminology and generally help you begin to carve out a plan for your futures. Ensure you know how to log-in to Uni-Frog – if in doubt contact Hannah.Wallis@ashgreenschool.org.uk.

Fridays – ‘Weekend Wellbeing’
To help encourage, recognise and reward students going the extra-mile and being proactive in developing their own wellbeing we have produced a list of activities that students might wish to engage with over the course of the week or indeed over the weekend.

To find out more about the Elective Opportunities for Home-Learning Programme contact Mark.Walford@ashgreenschool.org.uk