Remote Learning – Year 8 English (Wednesday)

Year 8 

Describe image 1 Year 8  

Success criteria 

  • Aim to write at least 4 paragraphs  
  • Consider the mood and atmosphere of your setting  
  • Use a variety of descriptive techniques, including appealing to the senses 
  • Try including similes, metaphors and personification 
  • Use powerful verbs and adjectives  

Additional option: Describe image 2  

Challenge – use a thesaurus to develop your vocabulary (

Support – sentence starters

Drop into the action: The tyre swing swung…  

Shift your attention to describe something else: Smiling, the boy…   

Zoom in to a small detail: Creaking, the grey chunky chain…  

Zoom out, imagine what is beyond the image: Next to the tyre swing, a see-saw was waiting…