Tutoring Changes

As you will be aware, there have been a number of changes to our pastoral structures this academic year, all designed to enhance the range and depth of support on offer to our students. One system that has come under review, following feedback from students and staff, is the structure of the Tutor system.

For some time students have been placed in vertical tutor groups with students from each year group represented. The system has had many positive results for students and there have been some examples of outstanding success. However, having listened to the views of our students and staff we now feel that the needs and progress of all of our students will be more appropriately met through a horizontal tutoring system. This means that students will be in tutor groups with students from the same year group only.

We will be adopting this system in the second half of the Summer Term. We appreciate that this change may cause concern for some students; there will of course, be support for those who require it. However, our internal feedback was overwhelmingly in favour of a move to the horizontal system. We strongly feel that for the students in our school, this system will allow us to effectively enhance the pastoral care for all of our young people, and will further improve home-school communication – all of which will result in improved progress and outcomes in the broadest sense.

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