Modern Foreign Languages

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In the languages department, our staff love teaching French and Spanish.

In Key Stage 3, students study French and or Spanish. Topics covered in both languages include personal information and interests, leisure time, school, holidays, family life, health and fitness, food and diet, fashion and shopping, and the weather. In Year 7 and 8, students are taught in mixed ability groups.

In Key Stage 4, students, where appropriate, are directed to study French or Spanish, and topics covered include family and relationships, sport and leisure, media and culture, local, national and international environment and world issues, work and employment, holidays and tourism and healthy living.

The Department has made links with three schools abroad with the view to future exchanges: two Francophone schools, one in the island of Martinique in the Caribbean and one in Saint Benoit, France. We are also in contact with one school in Spain; in Toledo, near Madrid. Students in Key Stage 4 will be corresponding with these schools.

Examination board for Modern Foreign Languages is AQA.

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