Key Stage 3 Maths

In KS3, at Ash Green School, we follow a 2 year Curriculum for year’s 7, 8 and 9, with Year 10 being the start of their GCSE Journey. Our aim is to prepare the students for the future and with this in mind, we teach a variety of content

Our focus is to lay strong foundations for their GCSE and we cover the basics within Number, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Probability and Ratio and Proportion.

We also want them to succeed in everyday life, which means in KS3 they will also look at finance and budgeting but time management as well.

Classes are taught in mixed ability in KS3. Dynamic, multi-part lessons engage all learners with a range of learning styles catered for. The use of ICT plays a major part in teaching and learning within the department, along with practical Mathematics activities.


The Mathematics Department makes extensive use of the website Mathswatch for homework, revision and independent learning. There is a Maths club one lunchtime a week for pupils to use the site and get help with all types of homework.

Maths homework is set using: http://

Each student is given his or her own unique login and ‘Assignments’ are set by the class teacher. The benefits of Mathswatch are that students can self-assess their classwork, as well as have access to over x100 video tutorials (within the homework) that can support them and better their understanding of the Mathematical concepts.

Inclusion Strategy

At Ash Green School, we recognise the importance of supporting all students, regardless of their economic backgrounds. In order to achieve this, we have an academy wide policy of:
1) Quality first teaching and harnessing the power and impact of effective feedback,
2) Highly-tailored intervention,
3) Minimising barriers to achievement, and
4) Raising aspirations and broadening experiences.

Our maths department is committed to provide the very best learning experiences for all of our learners. We deliver a Disadvantaged First teaching and feedback policy, in which our aim is to ensure all members of our team are tailoring their teaching to suit the needs of all learners.

“Our targets have always been to ensure that groups of disadvantaged students are progressing as well as other groups of students”. (Gareth Long, Learning Team Leader of Maths, Ash Green School)

Key Stage 4

Specification: AQA
Qualification: GCSE

The Maths specification we offer at Ash Green School is AQA GCSE 8300 (a link to these can be found below). It follows the same six strands as at KS3 and is assessed by three question papers (two calculator and one non-calculator).

The Mathematics Department has eight dedicated teaching rooms, including access to two ICT suites, well stocked with a wide range of textbooks, computer projectors and practical equipment.

Key Stage 5

Specification: Edexcel
Qualification: GCE

Our year 12 and 13 students studying either Maths and/or Further Maths with are studying the Pearson specification.

This specification is very demanding and will ensure to stretch and challenge our students. Additional work is set by each class teacher and on average 1 hour is set per lesson.