Geography is the study of the World, how it works and how we interact with it.  Throughout KS3, the AGS Geography Curriculum endeavours to provide pupils with a foundation across both physical and human geography. We begin by building on the foundations set at KS2 whilst understanding pupils have varying geographical experience. Each year throughout KS3, pupils experience a range of geographical themes, while studying a continent or region of the world, and developing their fieldwork skills. Pupils build on key knowledge and skills already acquired and revisit these in future topics through a different contextual lens. We endeavour to empower our geographers for the demands of their next step at GCSE and A-Level. We aim to inspire pupil’s curiosity and passion about Geography and empower them to form their own opinions about global issues.

KS3 Geography

At KS3 students study a range of physical and human geography themes, alongside continent studies, where they can apply these theories to real examples. 

Year 7

  • Geographical skills
  • Spotlight on the UK
  • UK weather and climate
  • Is the Earth running out of natural resources?
  • Spotlight on Africa
  • Climate fieldwork

Year 8

  • Climate change
  • Glaciation and polar regions
  • Coasts
  • Global population
  • Spotlight on Asia
  • Urban Fieldwork

Year 9

  • Spotlight on the Middle East
  • Globalisation
  • Sustainability
  • Our violent planet – volcanoes, earthquakes and tropical storms.

KS4 Geography

Exam board:  AQA

Qualification:  GCSE Geography

The Geography specification followed at AGS is the AQA Geography GCSE 8035 (a link can be found below).  It follows a range of human and physical topics as well providing opportunities for students to conduct fieldwork investigations.

The course is examined through 3 separate exam papers:

  • Paper 1:  Living with the Physical Environment – Challenges of Natural Hazards, The Living World, Physical Landscapes in the UK (Coasts and Rivers) (35%)
  • Paper 2:  Challenges of the Human Environment – Urban Issues, The Changing Economic World, Resource Management.  (35%)
  • Paper 3:  Geographical Applications – Issue Evaluation, Fieldwork. (30%)

KS5 Geography (attach curriculum map)

Exam board:  AQA

Qualification:  A Level Geography (7037)

The A Level curriculum follows on and develops from the GCSE course, continuing to focus on a range of Physical and Human topics including:

  • Component 1:  Physical Geography – Water and carbon cycles, Coastal systems and landscapes, Hazards.  Exam worth 40%
  • Component 2:  Human Geography – Global systems and governance, Changing place, Contemporary urban environments.  Exam worth 40%
  • Component 3:  Geography Fieldwork Investigation.  A piece of coursework completed individually by students on any area of the course of their choice, involving the collection, presentation and analyse of fieldwork data.  Coursework worth 20%