This year all homework will be set through Class Charts. Parents can access a summary of homework that has been set. Homework will continue to focus on content delivery through the ‘Knowledge Organiser’. When a Knowledge Organiser homework has been set, students will have five school days to work through the homework, building and testing their knowledge. This is an important development as research tells us that knowledge is retained most effectively if it is revisited frequently over a sustained period of time.

All Knowledge Organiser homework will be followed by a short, low stakes quiz to check knowledge retention. A testing timetable will be provided to students enabling them to prioritise their homework and plan revision. Parents will be able to access results of Knowledge Organiser test on Class Charts.

In addition to Knowledge Organiser homework, teachers may now set other project style homework focusing on skill development, running over a number of days / weeks.

Students will be expected to complete a minimum amount of homework each evening.

Year GroupMinimum time spent on homework each evening.
Years 7 & 845 minutes
Year 91 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes
Years 10 & 111 hour 30 minutes to two hour 30 minutes

 Please note:

  • If your child loses their Knowledge Organiser folder, they will need to pay 50p to replace the folder.
  • If your child loses their practise book they will need to pay 30p to replace the practise book.

Homework Club

Ash Green School provide a before and after school homework club. Any student can access the club that takes place on a daily basis from 8.00am before school and to 4.30pm after school every day, except for Friday when it is until 4pm only. Homework Club is also on every lunchtime in CS2.


Tips for Parents

  • Know how much homework your child should be doing at each stage of their education and make sure that they are doing this.
  • Be interested; ask your child what tasks they have been set.
  • Ask your child what they find difficult at school and raise these issues at parent’s evening.
  • Check your child’s Class Charts homework diary.

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