Ethos and Vision

Ash Green School Values

In all our work we are guided by our belief in the importance of hard work and challenge, collaboration, in integrity, honesty and discretion, and in providing support for our students and staff to achieve their absolute best.

Our Vision

At Ash Green School we aim to:

Achieve the highest possible standards in teaching, learning, behaviour and attendance. Provide the highest quality of educational experience and widest opportunities for all, irrespective of ability, gender, faith or race.

Extend the range of opportunities for students beyond the classroom and increase engagement from among all student groups.

Empower the local community to take their place at the heart of the school. Provide new opportunities to increase community well-being with access to lifelong learning, health, fitness, recreation, ICT and literacy.

Continue to develop excellent leadership capability and capacity at all levels. Develop high quality staff clearly focused on achieving educational excellence. Secure high quality partners to support the development of leadership skills for staff, students and local community.

Nurture the ‘Student Voice’, so that learners are proactive partners in all aspects of life.

Provide a safe, well-ordered and purposeful learning environment where learners participate, enjoy and achieve.

Foster unity and global citizenship, based on respect for people from diverse backgrounds.

Work collaboratively with Primary Schools, and further and Higher Education providers to develop coherence to education in the locality.

CET’s Educational Vision

The vision of the Creative Education Trust (CET) is to educate young people to have qualifications, skills and confidence they need to be independent, successful and creative in tomorrow’s world.

Ash Green School Ethos

Ash Green School offer a distinctive, caring ethos and personal best ‘brand’. This is based on high aspirations, high expectations and the promotion of educational and leadership opportunities for all, reflecting an inclusive ethos that promotes tolerance and respect for others. There will be shared values across the School, which will be reflected in a distinct code of conduct that will be clearly understood by all.