Academy Council

Ash Green School is one of a growing number of schools in the Creative Education Trust family. Creative Education Trust is a non-profit educational charity recognised by the Department for Education as one of the leading multi-academy chains.

The Trust Board

The CET Board is the overall governing body of the Trust and all its Academies. It is charged with the strategic direction of the Trust and is responsible to the Secretary of State for Education for executing its statutory duties. Its main functions are:

  • setting annual performance targets
  • determining all statutory and other policies
  • ensuring that curriculum requirements are met
  • setting the budget for the Trust and each academy
  • being the employer of all staff
  • being the ultimate body of appeal within the Trust
  • agreeing all major building work with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

Creative Education Trust can be contacted at: 67-68 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9JD and through telephone 020 39109200. The following link also contains further information around governance, schemes of delegation and accounts, Creative Education Trust Statutory Information

Academy Council

The Academy Council (AC) is a sub-committee of the Creative Education Trust Board of Directors. It is accountable to the Board of Directors and is its local presence. It may include representatives from such groups as the school community, the local community and other local organisations and businesses as appropriate.

The main functions of the AC are:

  • supporting CET’s plans for the school as set out in the ADIP, SEF and annual budget
  • providing understanding of the local context and the challenge that the local environment presents
  • acting as a sounding board for senior leaders, especially the Principal or Head Teacher
  • providing regular monitoring of health and safety matters, safeguarding provision, the welfare of looked after children, and provision for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • providing hearing panels for pupil behaviour matters
  • building and maintaining positive local perceptions of the school
  • building and maintaining relationships with the local and regional business community
  • building and maintaining relationships with community partners (e.g., health services, police, social services)
  • undertaking local fundraising
  • the Chair of AC assisting in the recruitment process for Head Teachers and Principals

If you have any questions about the governance of our school, please contact the Academy Council by email via the Principal at the following email address

Any written correspondence should be addressed to:
The Chair
Ash Green School Academy Council
c/o Ash Green School
Ash Green Lane

The table below lists the members of Ash Green School Academy Council.

Name RoleFirst AppointedTerm StartTerm End
Marc JordanChair01 Sept 202301 Sept 202330 Aug 2026
Fuzel ChoudhuryPrincipal01 Jan 202301 Jan 2023Ex-Offico
Luke BowersEducation Team04 Sept 202304 Oct 202303 Oct 2026
Susan MarkhamSafeguarding01 Oct 202101 Oct 202130 Sep 2024
VacancyCommunity Link
Katherine ArcherStaff Representative 19 Jul 202319 Jul 202318 Jul 2026
Gareth BerryStaff Representative19 Jul 202319 Jul 202318 Jul 2026
Thomas McKnightParent Councillor23 Oct 202323 Oct 202322 Oct 2026
Kirsty Woollaston Parent Councillor23 Oct 202323 Oct 202322 Oct 2026

Below is a link to the following Statutory Information on the Creative Education Trust’s website:

  • Annual Report and Financial Statements
  • Register of directors’ Interests
  • Scheme of delegation
  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • Master funding agreements