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Cashless System

Thursday 20 November (Letter sent via ParentMail)

As you may already be aware Ash Green School has been using ParentPay for some time now to allow Parents/Carers to pay for meals, trips, activities and make purchases online.

With effect from Monday 6 January 2020 we will no longer be able to accept cheque or cash payments. The school will move entirely over to the cashless system. There are several benefits in taking this action:

  • Easy to identify payments and to which student they are allocated to.
  • Parental access enables you to monitor your transactions. 
  • Parents/Carers can be assured that dinner money is spent on a school meal rather than unhealthy snacks
  • The cashless system eliminates the need for students to carry cash preventing cash from being lost within school or on the way to school.
  • Topping up online is easy and convenient allowing access 24 hours a day.

Letters have been issued this week with usernames and passwords for Parents/Carers that have not yet activated their account. It is essential that you activate your account as soon as possible to ensure your child’s activities continue and to enable them to make purchases at school.

If you have not yet received your log in details, please contact the school and we will issue you a copy.

GCSE and BTEC Level 2 exam results – Congratulations and good luck to all Ash Green students

Congratulations and good luck to all Ash Green School students who collected their GCSE and BTEC Level 2 exam results today.

2019 saw more 7-9 GCSE grades and top level BTEC grades achieved than in any previous year – but whatever your results may be, we recognise the hard work that every one of our inspirational young people put into these examinations. Ash Green School is a vibrant and confident place of learning, but it’s more than that – it’s a community of people who care about and support each other, one we are very proud to be a part of.

From the 2019 GCSE exam results, nearly 10% more 7-9 grades were awarded to Ash Green School students – from subjects across the curriculum, including Maths, History, and English Literature. Further GCSE subjects that excelled were PE and Combined Science – with Combined Science showing significant improvements on the subject’s 2018 exam results.

Those students taking their BTEC Level 2 exams in Business Studies, Media, and Sport achieved over 25% more Distinction* and Distinction results – the highest number of top grades for BTEC Level 2 ever recorded at Ash Green School. This is an incredible result and one that reflects the dedication and determination of the young people who studied so hard for these exams.

Kieran Pickerill, Ash Green School Assistant Principal, says: “This is a nerve-wracking time of year for our Year 11 students, they work really hard to prepare for their exams and this is the first real time they are assessed in this way.

We’re delighted at the increase in top grades – across both the GCSE and BTEC courses – but we congratulate all our young people on the hard work, focus and camaraderie they have shown during their studies. They are a real testament to the positive school life we foster at Ash Green School, where we strive to make every day extraordinary, and we look forward to welcoming many of them into the Sixth Form in the next academic year.”

But whether you are starting this next exciting chapter of your life with us at Ash Green or heading off to new adventures and experiences beyond our school, we wish each and everyone one of you all the success and happiness you can find.

From all at Ash Green School, once again congratulations and good luck to all our exiting Year 11 students – you are capable of great things, make every day extraordinary. Have a happy and safe summer.

Ash Green School celebrates best A Level and BTEC results in school’s history

Principal Harry French discussing results day

Ash Green School celebrates best A Level and BTEC results in school’s history – 2019 exams see a ‘landmark’ success for Coventry based secondary school.

On Thursday 15th August, Ash Green School in Coventry celebrated the best A Level and BTEC results in the school’s history – with students achieving an average of at least one grade higher in their 2019 exams, compared to the 2018 results. 

Subjects that excelled included Further Maths, which saw 100% A* to A Grades achieved – whilst 100% A* to C grades were achieved Art & Design, Graphics, History and Psychology.

100% of students passed their Level 3 BTEC courses, with 50% achieving Distinction* or Distinction. Whilst 100% of students achieved a Merit, Distinction or Distinction* in Level 3 BTEC courses for Sport and Business. 

Over 95% of Ash Green students get their first choice of University destination.

Following the incredible success of this A Level and post 16 exams, over 95% of Ash Green School students got their first choice of university destinations – including two students going on to read Physics and Further Maths at Lincoln College, Oxford University.

18 year old Lewis Melvin achieved grades A* (Maths), A* (Physics) and A* (Further Maths) – whilst 18 year old Luke Salzman achieved grades A* (Maths), A*(Physics) and A (Further Maths). Following Laura Simmons’ offer to attend Oxford following the 2018 A level results, Lewis and Luke are the next two students from Ash Green School to get into an Oxbridge university. 

“I’m ecstatic,” said Lewis Melvin, “I couldn’t haven’t done it without my friends and teachers. I can’t wait for the future.”

Other notable success stories come from 19 year old Ezrie Prideaux, who received an unconditional offer from the Royal Veterinary College in London. “I’ve always loved science and animals,” said Ezrie, “it’s what I’ve always wanted to do and I’m really excited to be going to the Royal Veterinary College in London. It hasn’t really sunk in yet.”

18 year old Lauren Cox, one of Ash Green School’s bursary students, worked exceptionally hard across Year 13 to achieve grades A (Biology), A (History) and B (Chemistry) – going on to read Veterinary Medicine at Nottingham University.

Whilst 18 year old Aman Verma achieved grades A (Graphics), A (Maths) and B (Physics) and will be going on to read Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham University.

Aman put huge effort in to achieve the required grades, after being originally predicted a grade lower from what he achieved in his final exams – an inspiration to younger students, Aman’s results show what can be achieved when you work hard and focus. “I’m really excited to get these results,” said Aman, “I worked so hard for these and I couldn’t be more please for me any everyone at Ash Green School. And now it’s official… I’m not just good looks.”

Exceptional achievements

2019 has seen some exceptional achievements from Ash Green’s exiting A Level and BTEC students, paving the way for more success stories from young people who will be either sitting their exams or entering the Sixth Form in the next school year.

“Our sixth form students work tirelessly in preparation for their exams,” tells Amy Sibley, Vice Principal at Ash Green School, “and it’s wonderful to see all their hard work, resilience and sacrifices rewarded. The 2019 exams have seen our best post results as a school ever.”

“Ash Green School strives to make every day extraordinary for all our young people,” tells Principal Harry French, “but our exiting sixth form students this year have excelled in their exams and we are all incredibly proud of their academic achievements. We wish them the brightest of futures once they leave our school and take their next steps in the world.”

GCSE Results 2018

Pupils and staff at Ash Green School were celebrating today as the latest GCSE data was released – showing ‘significant improvement’, with over double the top grades achieved across all subjects in this year’s GCSE exams.

70 entries at Ash Green School have achieved grades 8-9 and A* in their 2018 GCSE exams, as compared to 34 in 2017’s results.  Subjects including Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English, Maths, French, and Spanish have all seen a significant improvement in top grades achieved.

English and Maths tripled the top grades achieved across both subjects, with nine students attaining grade 9 in their 2018 GCSE exams as compared to three in 2017.

An increased number of top grades were also seen across an array of other subjects, with nearly double the number of students studying Triple Science and Geography achieving grades 8-9 in their 2018 GCSE exams.

13 students achieved grades 8-9 in Geography, as compared to seven in 2017. Whilst 31 students achieved grades 8-9 in Triple Science (including Chemistry, Biology, and Physics) as compared to 16 in 2017.

Languages at Ash Green School has also taken a substantial step up in top grades achieved at GCSE level, with five students attaining grades 8-9 in their 2018 exams, as compared to only one in last year’s results.

More students than ever before will be staying on to study their A Levels at Ash Green School, with over double the number of students going into Sixth Form in September. Many students had Ash Green School as their first choice.

Mr Harry French says “Ash Green School has seen a significant improvement in the number of top grades achieved from our students taking their GCSE exams this year, with over double the number of students staying with us to study their A Levels.

At Ash Green School we want our young people to make everyday extraordinary, and the huge increase in top grades achieved in this year’s GCSE exams shows all our students that there is no end to their ambitions. We are all so proud of everyone who sat their GCSEs with us this year, and we look forward to continuing the academic journey with our biggest ever Sixth Form in September.”

Individual achievements were also celebrated across the student body at Ash Green School, with a number of students achieving top level results in their 2018 GCSE exams.

Owen Saunders  – grade 9 in English Literature, Geography, History, Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Religious Studies. grade 8 in Biology and English Language, and a Distinction* in Business Studies.

“I’m happy with my results,” said Owen Saunders, “but the hard work for A Levels starts now – my next step at the same school.”

Paige Atherton – grade 9 in Geography and History, grade 8 in English Literature, grade 7 in English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Religious Studies, alongside grade A in Graphic Design. Paige achieved top grades in 100% of her GCSE exams results.

“I’m really happy with my GCSE results,” says Paige Atherton, “and I’m looking forward to starting at the Ash Green Sixth Form this September. I also want to give a big thank you to Miss Sibley and Miss Vesey, two of my teachers at the school.”

Other GCSE high achievers  include:
Amy Melvin – grade 9 in English Literature and History
Neirja Dhmija – grade 9 in English Literature and Religious Studies
Sian Simmons – grade 9 in English Literature and Maths.

From everybody at Ash Green School, we wish the very best to all our departing  students and look forward to welcoming the new Year 12 in September.




A Level Results 2018

Pupils and staff at Ash Green School have been celebrating a successful A Level results day. This year the Sixth Form students have achieved an increased success in their exam results, with 100% pass rates across the curriculum – including 100% grades A* to B in Biology and Further Maths

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Applied Science all saw a 100% pass rate in this year’s A Level results, as did other core subjects including English Literature, Business Studies, Geography, Drama, Psychology, Sociology, and Sport.

100% of students studying Biology and Further Maths went on to achieve grades A* to B, whilst 100% of students studying Art & Design, Drama, and Geography achieved grades A* to C.

Overall, A Level results at Ash Green School have increased from 2017 – with 20 more entries achieving a 100% pass rate across all their chosen subjects, a quarter of which achieved grades A* to B.

Harry French , Principal at Ash Green School, said “As the aspirations at Ash Green School grow, so have the achievements of our students, We’ve seen an overall increase in our results, with the achievements from this year’s exams reflecting the hard work and dedication from our recent Sixth Form students. We are all so proud of them – not only for their exam results, but for the ambition and confidence that they will take with them beyond the classroom, many of whom have successfully secured places at their chosen universities or apprenticeships.”  

There were some excellent individual achievements celebrated across the student body at Ash Green School, with notable successes coming from several young people who are now going on to higher education.

Laura Simmons, who achieved grades A* in Physics, Maths, and Further Maths, is going on to read Mathematics at her first choice of Exeter University – which has been a Gold Standard Russell Group university since 2012. During her A Level studies Laura also won an all-expenses paid place on the XMaS Scientist Experience 2017, as organised by Warwick University, which saw her join a team of female physicists from across the UK on an international Physics research trip to the XMaS Beamline in Grenoble, France.

Taylor Naismith, who achieved grades B in Biology, Chemistry, and Maths, is going on to read medicine – securing a place at East Anglia University. Taylor is the first student from Ash Green School’s Sixth Form, which was opened in September 2012, to go on to read medicine.

Andreea Frasinanu came to Ash Green School from Romania, joining the Coventry based Sixth Form in September 2016. Andreea started at Ash Green School having had no previous secondary education, and with English as her second language, but has successfully achieved a grade C in Art, alongside Merits in both Health & Social Care and Sport.

Shania Campbell, who has been a student at Ash Green School for the last seven years, achieved grades B in English Literature and C in Drama and History – securing a place at De Montfort University to read English and History.

But not all the success stories from Ash Green School’s Sixth Form this year were purely academic, as Head Girl Beth Clarke is taking a gap year to work with charities and organisations such as Camp America aboard. When Beth comes back to the UK she is looking towards an Apprenticeship with Channel 4, working from the prominent broadcasters new Birmingham based offices.

Chloe Dobbs, who achieved a 100% pass rate including grade B in both History and Drama, has already begun her Higher Apprenticeship with Severn Trent – steering her towards Project Management roles, in a programme that includes both further academic study and vocational training. Chloe prepared for and successfully passed the competitive interview process with Severn Trent whilst studying for her A Levels at Ash Green School’s Sixth Form.

From everybody at Ash Green School, we wish the very best to all our departing Sixth Form students and look forward to welcoming the new Year 12 & 13s in September.