Duke of Edinburgh

Leading youth charity the Duke of Edinburgh Award gives all young people aged 14-24 the chance to develop skills and work, fulfil their potential and have a brighter future.

The DofE is a life-changing adventure you don’t want to miss. 

It’s about going the extra mile — learning new skills for work and life, getting fitter, helping others and exploring the countryside.

Millions of young people in the UK have already done their DofE.

DUKE OF EDINBURGH BRONZE AWARD 2023/2024 – Ash Green School

At Ash Green School, we currently offer students in years 9 & 10 the opportunity to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

For this students complete the following:

There’s loads to choose from ­ most activities can count towards your DofE.

Maybe you want to try something new? Or get better at something you’re already doing? Your DofE can be whatever you want it to be.

Activities for each DofE section take a minimum of one hour a week over a set period of time, so they can fit in around your studies and life outside school.

All students who are enrolled on the DofE Bronze programme have access to their account through the link below:


Applications for the 2023/24 cohort of students will open in October 2023 to students currently in year 9.

If you are interested in finding more out about the programme ahead of this, please see the information below. If you as a parent would like to become involved within the Duke of Edinburgh Award with the school, please contact Mr Sanghera, Duke of Edinburgh School Manager. Email: Navraj.sanghera@ashgreenschool.org.uk