Sixth Form Entry Requirements

All students must have 5 A*-C grade (or equivalent) to be accepted.

The table below details the minimum grade(s) you are expected to have achieved in order to be able to study each subject at A-Level. There is still a possibility of you taking that subject, even if you do not meet the entry requirements, but you must speak to a member of the sixth form team and fill out a special consideration form. 

A-Level Subjects Minimum GCSE Grade & Subject (s)
Maths Grade A GCSE Maths
Further Maths Grade A* GCSE Maths
English Literature Grade B GCSE English
Biology Grade B  Double Award Science or CBB Separate Sciences
Chemistry Grade B Chemistry or Double Award Science AND Maths Grade B (preferably and A)
Physics Grade B in Physics or Science double award AND Maths grade B (preferably an A)
Geography Grade B GCSE Geography or Grade B in Humanities or Science subject
History Grade B GCSE History or Grade B in Humanities or English
Psychology Grade B Science(s) AND Grade B in English
Sociology Grade B GCSE English
P.E Grade B GCSE P.E – BTEC Sport not acceptable to study A-Level P.E
Art Grade B in GCSE Art
Photography Either GCSE Art grade B or BTEC Media Level 2 at a Merit
Graphics Either GCSE Art grade B or BTEC Media Level 2 at a Merit

BTEC Subjects Minimum GCSE Grade & Subject (s)
Sport Grade C in either Biology/ Science/ P.E or BTEC Level 2 Sport at a Merit
Business Grade C in either GCSE English & Maths or a minimum of a Merit in BTEC level 2 Business
Health & Social Care Grade C in English & Science (Double award or separate sciences)
Applied Science Grade C in Additional Science and Maths