Meet the Team

Miss Sibley

Job role/title: Head of Sixth Form

Qualification/Uni: BA Hons History and Archaeology from Leicester University, M.A Education Anglia Ruskin

Guilty pleasure: Ben and Jerrys peanut Ice cream! I can’t say no. I also play music really loud when I’m on my own in the car.

Favourite food: Anything spicy: Curry or Thai

Biggest gripe: People who do not acknowledge you; it doesn’t take any time to say ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Hello’.

Interesting fact about you: I Learnt to swim when I was 27 and conquered my fear of water…sort of!  I’ve also stroked a giraffes tongue.

Few words about your mantra/vision for sixth form: Working with Sixth Form is the most rewarding job I have ever done, its also the most challenging but that’s what makes it so exciting. I’m committed to doing my utmost to make sure there is no limit to what a young person can achieve at Ash Green Sixth Form. Ultimately these are the two most important years of your education and I relish being part of the process and supporting you on your journey to the next stage of your life.

Mrs Clare

Job role/title: Assistant Head of Sixth Form/ Head of Girls PE

Qualification/Uni: BSc Hons in Sport and Exercise Sciences and a P.G.C.E in Secondary Physical Education, both from the University of Birmingham

Guilty pleasure: A big hike (the higher the climb the better) followed by a hearty pub lunch!

Favourite food: To be honest it depends on the day, I just generally love food!

Biggest gripe: Litter! I can’t stand it.

Interesting fact about you: Before I became a teacher I used to be a Personal Trainer and before that a Professional Tennis Coach in Greece.

Few words about your mantra/vision for sixth form: Being able to work more closely with Ash Green Sixth Form students is an absolute privilege and I enjoy every minute of it. It is during this time that students really grow into individuals being able to make life-changing decisions, which can have a positive effect on their own and others lives. We have some extraordinary students who give up their time for others, from students staying behind to coach girls football, to mentoring young students and paired reading, to charity fundraising and it makes me really proud to be part of the team.

Mrs Mahloudji

Job role/title: Careers Adviser

Qualification/Uni: BSc Hons Outdoor Studies, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Physical Education)

Guilty pleasure: Mint chocolate

Favourite food: Lamb Barg (Kebab) and saffron rice

Biggest gripe: Being lied too. There is just no need! If you have done something just admit it. I will think more of you.

Interesting fact about you: I am a member of Rugby Trampolining Club

Few words about your mantra/vision for sixth form: Anyone can get to any destination, for some it may be a little harder or take a little longer but the reward will be a little better. My vision for Ash Green Sixth Form is that every student who graces us with their presence finds the right career pathway for them, gains valuable experience both personally and professionally and enhances their life opportunities.

Mrs Wallis

Job role/title: UCAS Co-ordinator and Pastoral Manger of Sixth Form

Qualification/Uni: BA Hons History and English from Loughborough University (2:1)

Guilty pleasure: Listening to Jason Derulo

Favourite food: Pizza or Ribs (or both- I eat a lot!)

Biggest gripe: Poor manners. It is easy to be polite and makes all the difference.

Interesting fact about you: I began ballet lessons at the same time I started here at Ash Green, at the grand old age of 21!

Few words about your mantra/vision for sixth form: The small size of Ash Green allows me to know each student individually and get to know what makes them tick, which makes the job highly rewarding- in particular A-Level results day and seeing where they are all going on to. I would like to see each sixth former leaving Ash Green having developed both academically and pastorally and being proud of their own achievements, whatever they may be!