We have an enthusiastic and dedicated team of science teachers who deliver biology, chemistry and physics to all year groups in the school. KS3 is a place to develop the skills required to be logical, evaluative and reflective in scientific investigations, while relating content to the world we live in. We promote independent learning not only in lessons, but as part of large-scale projects that last through the year. We want students to be curious and inquisitive about the world they live in, and appreciate how science is involved in all aspects of modern life. At the end of KS3 students will be assessed to identify which route they will take in KS4.

With the introduction to the new KS4 specification and ‘terminal testing’ students begin their journey into GCSE in Year 9, taking all of their examinations in Year 11. The new combined science qualification provides students with the opportunity to explore all aspects of science: biology, chemistry and physics, with the aim of obtaining two GCSE qualifications at the end of their three year long study. Along the way, students will be expected to perform a suite of different practicals designed to enhance their skills and knowledge in the real life applications of science (an element of learning that is now tested for in their exams since the removal of controlled assessment/coursework). We also offer an opportunity for some students to study OCR separate science qualifications, where they will be awarded three GCSEs for biology, chemistry and physics. Not only do we prepare students for their exams, we aim to develop the skills acquired in KS3 and develop new ones to allow them to progress onto sixth form if they choose. The examination board for Science is OCR.

Finally, in KS5 we offer A level choices in biology, chemistry and physics, with the option for some to study a BTEC in applied science.
We provide opportunities for students to go on trips to various institutes around the country to enhance learning, as well as asking specialised guests into school to deliver some elements of the curriculum.

Science at AGS is centered around five fully equipped science labs, two science classrooms and one dedicated computer room. All of these facilities allow the team to deliver an exciting and engaging range of science lessons; from Year 7, students discovering the skills to use a Bunsen burner for the first time to sixth form students investigating the rate of enzyme controlled reactions.

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