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To gain a place in Year 7 at AGS, parents must apply through Warwick admissions service and the application will be considered during the Autumn term. We currently use the Warwick LA Policy for our admissions policy.

Like most schools we keep a register of children whose parents are interested in them taking up a place at our school. Putting your child’s name onto this register does not guarantee you a place at our school; it is merely an indication to ourselves about possible demand for places and enables us to ensure that we have sufficient resources to provide a balanced curriculum.  


Admissions – In Year

All in year admissions are admitted through Warwick LA. Parents should contact Warwick for forms and details of the process. We accept in year admissions based on numbers and the criteria set out by Warwick LA and subject to us being able to meet the needs of individual students.



If your child needs to see the doctor, dentist, etc. we ask that whenever possible you make appointments outside of school time. When this is not possible we should be notified in advance of the appointment by either contacting the school reception or writing a note in your child’s student planner.



Ash Green School has a vertical college system. Each college has an allocated morning for their college Assembly in which the College Head, Pastoral Manager and a member of the Academy Leadership Team attend. Ash Green school assemblies provide provision for SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural). All learning team areas are required to play an active role in the planning and delivery of the whole school assembly programme, which enables us to cover statutory requirements such as sex and relationships education, issues surrounding the prevention and tackling of bullying, safeguarding and equality. All assemblies contain times of quiet reflection for students to consider their deepest values and aspirations.

Assembles are broadly Christian in nature; however, we do take the opportunity to celebrate other religious beliefs and recognise different celebrations. 



Teachers are continually assessing student’s progress so that they are sure of delivering the curriculum in a way that is most appropriate to each child’s needs.

Assessment for learning happens all the time in the classroom. Ash Green students are constantly made aware of where they are in terms of their own progress as well as understanding where they want to be and how they can get there. This involves both the teacher and the student in a continual reflection and review about progress.

Assessment of learning is carried out at the end of a unit, or year, or key stage, or when a student is leaving the Academy to make judgments about student performance against national standards.

Parents receive half termly updates regarding their child’s academic progress.



Good attendance is linked to good outcomes.

We expect each student to aim for 100% attendance; however, we do recognise people are ill and absence cannot be avoided at times. Ash Green School’s attendance target is 96% and the school keeps daily attendance records, each half-day denoting one period of attendance. Every student in the school has their own attendance target, which is tracked regularly by their Tutor, College Head and Pastoral Manager. Early intervention occurs for any student whose attendance falls below 90%. When a child has been absent, a note of explanation is required on his/her return to school. If an absence were likely to be lengthy then early notification would be appreciated. A truancy call is sent to parents/careers of students who are absent from school without authorisation. Any child with less than 90% attendance is liable to a letter or a visit from their Pastoral Manager. Ninety percent is also the threshold for possible legal action throughout absence procedures.  

Certificates and entry into a prize draw is rewarded for 100% attendance.



Ash Green school recognises the importance of rewarding students achievements and does so in many different ways. There is a whole school credit system for KS3 students. Any student can be recognised for their achievement and awarded with a credit, which they collect as a whole-school rewards initiative. KS4 students are rewarded for their achievements by collecting outstanding Attitude to Learning scores from their class teachers. Both initiatives form an aspect of the end of term achievement assemblies where the school invests £15,000 throughout the academic year as a means of rewarding student achievements.





The school bag must be safe, sensible and functional, capable of holding A4 files, exercise books, textbooks, stationary, PE kit and personal property. Only rucksacks, satchels, despatch type bags and large tote bags are allowed.  Bags must not have large buckles or protruding metal features. Handbags or shoulder bags are not allowed. Students may carry an additional small clutch type bag within the main school bag for personal accessories.

If you are unsure what constitutes an appropriate bag ask in advance of purchase!



Students at Ash Green School are encouraged to manage their own behaviour with the aid of the staff and our school behaviour policy. Incidents of silly behaviour are dealt with immediately and students are encouraged to consider the consequences of their actions. The school assembly is used as a vehicle to promote awareness of socially acceptable behaviour and values. Should a student be involved in a more serious incident or continual inappropriate behaviour this will be recorded and monitored by the school and their parents will be informed and asked to work with the school to overcome this.

We use a wide range of sanctions to support good behaviour and rewards to recognise it too. The school has a clear well thought out behaviour policy.



Bicycles and scooters are brought to school entirely at your own risk. School cannot be responsible for them. Please bear in mind that there is limited space for bicycles and that students who do decide to cycle to school will only be allowed to cycle bikes with fully functioning breaks. Bikes must have working front and rear lights from November 1st through to March 31st. Removable brackets are ideal for safe storage. We reserve the right to allow authorities to carry out a full safety check if required.

We strongly encourage the use of a cycle helmet. Ash Green Lane and Vicarage Lane are busy roads.

Bikes and Scooters must be walked onto and off the site, i.e. up to the gates, staff on duty will routinely check bikes. Any found unsafe will be confiscated and returned to parents.



Fortunately bullying is rare at AGS and we create a harmonious ethos where we all get on well. At Ash Green School we regard bullying as a deliberate act, which results from a conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone. The staff has agreed on and the school adheres to our anti-bullying policy (see policies section of website).





Car parking space is limited and parents and visitors are asked to avoid causing congestion. We encourage students to walk or cycle to school whenever possible, this not only alleviates traffic congestion but is also the healthy option. Parents are not allowed to bring their cars inside the school gates unless authorised by the school.

Due to the danger it puts our students into we ask that cars at the end of the school day are not parked in a way that causes obstruction or a barrier to our students crossing the road.



Cars and Motorbikes  

We do not have parking capacity for student cars at AGS. We would expect any student using a car to park in the local area with a high level of consideration for residents and their own parking and access issues.

Motorbikes - any engine-powered bike must have a valid MOT and road tax. The user will have a valid driving licence. A copy will be taken by the school office for our records.

It must be walked onto and off the site and never ridden.



Ash Green School belongs to the Creative Education Trust, which has its head office in London. It has around 13 academies linked to it. Full details are available from the CET website.


CET Programme

The design programme taught at KS3 (Years 7 and 8) underpins all that we do in Graphics and Art and Design. As part of the trust schools, we aim to deliver design inline with all other schools to all students around the six key concepts and associated curriculum documents/projects, while retaining our own AGS identity. It is anticipated that all students will map throughout the key stage the links between the concepts as they progress, through a variety of projects in a range of material areas. Whether working within art or graphics the concepts apply to all that they do. They are as follows: Structure, Performance, Meaning, Human interaction, Pattern, Fabrication.

At KS4 it is envisaged that students will retain their understanding of the concepts and build upon them their understanding and their realisation that they are fundamental to their development as designers.



As a school we are asked to support many charities and feel unable to offer help to everyone who requests it. Last year we raised over £6,000 for four local charities, something that we are extremely proud of. Therefore, we have decided to adopt a selection of charities per College House. During the school year we will undertake a small number of activities to support these charities. In addition, fundraising students and staff are also actively involved in volunteering to support local business and charities where possible.



Students have the opportunity to attend various clubs and activities after school hours. Our clubs include sports clubs and fixtures, art clubs, creative writing club, and many more. Extra-Curricular programmes on offer are reviewed each term and change throughout the year. Students are expected to make a firm commitment to any club they choose to attend.

Revision and intervention clubs run throughout the year and are offered to all years when required. All students are responsible for informing their parents/careers if they are attending an after school club.



There are differing views with regard to competition, but in school every effort is made to ensure that competition is healthy and fair. Students need to know how to lose, as well as win, with good grace. Students are encouraged to try and beat their own best efforts rather than compare themselves with others. Inter-college competition is encouraged throughout the year with both participants and winners recognised during Termly Achievement Assemblies held for each College. 



It is in everyone’s interest that complaints are resolved at the earliest possible stage, quickly and fairly. The class teacher or tutor should be the initial contact for any complaints, queries and general concerns. If it has not been possible to make the complaint informally or should you have a formal complaint about any aspect of life within our school we ask that you bring it to the attention of the Leadership Team using the email address found on our schools website. If you are not totally satisfied with the Principal's response you should follow the complaints procedure found here.



At Ash Green School we are conscious of being part of a community and try to be involved whenever appropriate. We encourage our students to be involved in as many community cohesion projects throughout the year.



Ash Green School is committed to ensuring that all students make progress and are successful learners. We have a two year Key Stage 3 and a three year Key Stage 4.  As such, our students make their option choices part way through Year 8.

At Ash Green School we believe in offering a broad and balanced curriculum at all Key Stages. Students study the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science throughout Key Stage 3 and 4. In addition, at Key Stage 3 all students study History, Geography, Art, Graphics, Drama, Physical Education, Religious Studies and access two Modern Foreign Languages for at least one year.  We also offer a very enriching curriculum where students can opt for a number of activities each term that are not necessarily academic in nature.  These are taken every term and give students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of experiences.

At Key Stage 4 our students all study Physical Education and Religious Studies as well as the Core Subjects. In addition, they opt for three of the following subjects: History, Geography, French, Spanish, Sociology, Art, Graphics, Drama, Business Studies, Sport and P.E.

The school has also developed policies to ensure the uniformity of teaching and learning throughout the school.




Dinner time

Students can choose to either bring a packed lunch or to purchase a hot dinner cooked by the School Canteen. Menus and price information are available from the school office. Students are responsible for the safety of their own belongings, including money. Students whose name appears on the Free School’s Meals register will be allocated a dinner pass by their Pastoral Manager on their day of admission to the school. Lunchtime is considered to be part of the school day and is treated as a social occasion. Students eat under supervision and are encouraged to show good manners and eating habits.



The school takes all necessary steps to ensure SEND students enjoy a quality education. We operate in an older school building, but make reasonable adjustments to support all of our young people. Our team of dedicated teaching assistants support a wide range of abilities.

The school will endeavour to work very closely with parents in this matter.



The school encourages a sense of self-discipline. Everyone is encouraged to celebrate their uniqueness, value each other as individuals and respect people and property. Rules are kept to a minimum and are intended to promote a high standard and expectation of behaviour and safety. We actively encourage good manners, a respect for the environment and a willingness to care for the feelings of others.



Dogs, other than dogs for the disabled, are not allowed on the school premises without permission, either in the building or in the grounds for reasons of health and safety.


Duke of Edinburgh Programme

At Ash Green School there is a vibrant Duke of Edinburgh Scheme with high levels of take up and engagement. The scheme gives all young people aged 14-24 the chance to develop skills for life and work, fulfil their potential and have a brighter future through an exciting and challenging programme. Students have the opportunity to gain a bronze and silver award.




Emergency Contact

It is important that the school is provided with an up to date emergency contact number where a responsible adult is available. If a child is involved in an accident at school that requires medical attention the responsible adult will be contacted and either advised of what the school is doing or asked to attend. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform us of any changes.


Equal Opportunities

Ash Green School values every member of its community and celebrates individuality while working together for the benefit of all. We recognise that everyone has unique talents and encourage the development of these.



All students are required to have basic stationary: a good quality writing pen, a pencil, a rubber, pencil crayons, a ruler (all with spares), a scientific calculator and, for Years 7 and 8, a small dictionary. All items are available from the School Stationary shop.





Our school building is filled with exciting displays and our library is filled with hundreds of books. We have a wonderful computer area containing fixed computers and a bank of laptops. Many classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards. We make sure our facilities are well looked after safe and secure.  


Fire Drill

The requirements within the school setting are that we perform regular fire drills and monitor these closely in order to ensure that the drills are effective in the event of a real fire. Students and staff are required to make their way to the courts area next to the Sports Hall where all students, staff and visitors are accounted for. The Fire Marshall monitors this and ensures that the policy is followed correctly and smoothly. In the event of a real fire, the Fire Marshall would liaise with the Fire Services upon their arrival.


First Aid

At Ash Green School we have a number of staff trained in basic First Aid. One member of staff is on duty every day. In the event of any injury to students or staff, the appropriate first aider would attend, administer basic first aid, notify parents and complete the relevant Injury Log. If the injury requires further investigation it would immediately be referred to the Emergency Services. 




Gifted and Talented

In line with national and Local Authority practice we identify and work with our gifted and talented children. We keep a gifted and talented register for each department as well as whole school, which are regularly reviewed and updated by heads of departments. Once a student is identified additional and differentiated work is provided as required and their progress throughout the school is monitored.



Ash Green School belongs to a national organisation called Creative Education Trust. They set up and appoint a local governing body made up of volunteers including parents. If you are interested in taking part please contact the Principal.



We are extremely fortunate to be situated in such a lovely location. Ash Green School is home to our football, rugby, rounders, softball, hockey pitches and our netball courts. As well as a newly purpose built mountain bike track and cricket wicket. Our grounds are regularly maintained by specialist groundsmen and have been landscaped, with the plants, shrubs and trees becoming established, enriching our school environment.




Head lice

Occasionally we have incidences of head lice at school. Unfortunately, this is common in all schools. Should we be aware of any cases we will inform all parents of the children in the class involved so that parents can check their own child’s hair. Advice on how to remove head lice can be obtained from the chemist.


Health and Safety

All staff at Ash Green work to ensure the safety of the children in our care. The school has a Health and Safety Policy and a Governor responsible for ensuring that standards are set and adhered to.


Healthy Eating

Students have a responsibility to choose food that is healthy from the wide variety served.



A list of school holiday dates is available. The government has decided that you may not take your child out of school during term time unless it is an exceptional circumstance and if so you must inform the school of your intention to do so as failure to do so could lead to involvement from the Education Welfare Officer. If you are not given permission and you still take your child out of school you will receive a fine. Holidays will not be authorised in term time except under exceptional circumstances.


Home-school links

Staff at Ash Green make every effort to be available to parents, although teaching commitments often restricts this to after school. Messages concerning your child should be communicated either using the child’s school planner or as a phone message left at the school office that will be delivered to the teacher concerned as soon as possible. Ofsted style questionnaires are periodically issued to parents to gauge their feelings about the school and its effectiveness.


Home School Agreement

This is a whole school policy that is shared with both parents and students outlining what we as a school are committed to raising standards of achievement and ensuring that every child will achieve their full potential and strive for excellence. We ask that all parents and students sign the agreement to ensure that they fully understand and will adhere to the schools aims, standards and expectations.


Home work

It is a school requirement that all homework is recorded in the student’s daily planner that is regularly checked by their class teacher and tutor. Parents are encouraged to check their child’s planner and sign on weekly basis to ensure that communication with home and school is consistent and proactive. Appropriate time lines are given for each student to complete their homework and failure to produce on the day of hand in would result in an appropriate detention set by the class teacher. Only in exceptional circumstances would a student be exempt from any sanction set. 

Homework is also recorded online on Show My Homework. Both students and parents can access this.





Should your child become ill at school we will contact you so that he/she can be taken home. Certain infectious diseases require that a child be kept away from school for a period of time. These include sickness, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, impetigo and other contagious illnesses. Any child who complains of feeling ill while in school will be assessed by a trained first aider in the first instance and monitored for a 30 minute period. After such time, an appropriate decision will be made for the next course of action.



We encourage all students with asthma to bring in an inhaler. We have dedicated health care teams for those with serious conditions / needs.


Information, Advice and Guidance

Ash Green School strives to secure access to impartial careers guidance for every pupil in Years 9-13. Schools are free to make arrangements for careers advice and guidance that fits the needs of their students. 

Ash Green school is committed to providing appropriate information, advice and guidance to every student in every year.


Internal Exclusion Unit 

Our internal exclusion unit is designed to reduce fixed term exclusions from school. Students will work in conjunction with a teacher and they will complete their normal class work, under controlled conditions.





No jewellery should be worn, except for a watch and one pair of plain, metal ear studs if desired, in the earlobe. No facial piercings of any kind (e.g. eyebrow, nose, mouth or tongue) are allowed.




Key Stages

As a secondary school with sixth form provision we are involved in the education of children in Key stage 3, 4 and 5. Key Stage 3 children are those aged 11-13, Key Stage 4 children are those aged 14-16, and Key stage 5 students are aged 16 plus.





Our doors open for the students at 8.00am each school day. As the school day doesn’t officially begin until 8.40am this gives parents and students enough time to arrive on time. After 8.40am students must come into the building via the IEU where they will be required to sign in. Any student who arrives late without a valid reason will receive a break time detention. Continued lateness may result in parents being asked to attend a meeting with the attendance coordinator. This signing in book is used in conjunction with the registers in the event that we need to vacate the building.



Literacy is key to accessing the rest of the curriculum. We promote it in all lessons and encourage students to take responsibility for themselves through reading and study.

Students who find reading difficult will be part of our Accelerated Reading scheme. This is a nationally recognised scheme with proven success rates. 


Local Schools

Ash Green School works closely with the other schools in the area. We have strong links with Wheelwright Lane Primary School, Goodyear’s End Primary, Newdigate Primary, Kersley Newland and St Giles Primary School. Staff of both schools work together to ensure the smoothest possible transfer from primary to secondary education.

In addition, we have growing numbers of students joining from other schools locally. We work hard to settle each child and support them in making new friends.





Marking is carried out in a regular and supportive manner. Often marking will be in books but we might keep other work and files in school, thus allowing students to access their work in school. Teachers will use an EBI (Even Better If) comment to allow students to improve their work. This improvement is called an MRI (My Response Is). 


Medical/Personal information

It is important that the school is informed of any personal or medical matters that may affect a child’s education. Such information will be treated in the strictest confidence.



If your child requires medicine, we can administer prescribed medication after your consent has been given and the correct forms filled in. We cannot administer any unprescribed medication. We have medical plans for diabetic students and for those students with serious medical conditions. All of our Pastoral Managers are first aid trained and receive extra training for specific conditions.  


Mobile Phones

Ash Green school has a clear mobile phone policy that can be found in every student planner and on the school website. Phones must not be used for any purpose (e.g. phoning, texting, checking of time, using as calculator, surfing the internet, taking photographs, taking videos) on the school premises.

The school accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the theft, loss, damage to health effects (potential or actual) relating to mobile phones.  It is the responsibility of parents and pupils to ensure mobile phones are properly insured.




Newsletters/AGS Newspaper

Information about the school and forthcoming events is provided by means of a half termly newspaper. These are sent home with the students as well as being displayed on our school website.





We believe that Ash Green School provides the best opportunity for your child achieving their best.





Parents are always welcome in the school. Our teachers are happy to speak with parents. Should you need to speak to your child’s teacher it is usually easier for everyone if you are able to do so at the end of the school day via an arranged appointment.


Parents' evenings

These are held for all year groups throughout the academic calendar with allocated dates shared in student planners and on the school website. Students are encouraged to attend with their parents. The appointments last 5 minutes each and parents needing greater time are encouraged to book a second appointment at a time convenient to both themselves and the teacher. Examples of students work are available at these meetings as well as their progress data.


P.E. Kit

All students are required to wear Ash Green School P.E. kit for all P.E. lessons and sporting events where they are representing the school. The uniform consists of an AGS logo t-shirt, AGS logo navy sweatshirt, AGS logo Rugby shirt, navy shorts, navy skort, navy socks, navy tracksuit bottoms, trainers with non-marking soles (to be worn for P.E. only) and football shorts. A navy, long sleeved skin may also be worn for warmth in the winter.



The student planner is an essential part of equipment required on a daily basis. The student planner should be carried at all times by students. The school issues this. Parents are encouraged to check their child’s planner and sign on weekly basis to ensure that communication with home and school is consistent and proactive. Any lost planners must be replaced and will need to be paid for by the student.






We operate a very clear system for queuing at break and lunchtimes with Year 11 Student Leaders taking an active role.




Religious Studies

By law Religious Studies must be taught according to the locally agreed syllabus in all schools. Religious Studies does not seek to urge religious beliefs on children or to compromise the integrity of their own beliefs by promoting one religion over another. Parents have a right to withdraw their child from RS: if you wish to do so please contact the school.



Annual reports informing parents of their child’s progress and effort in all subjects are sent out at allocated times across the academic calendar.





The school follows all statutory guidance for safeguarding. We adopt the basic concept of “We are all responsible for safeguarding and we can all refer”. We have three designated safeguarding officers. Our policy is available on request. Pictures of and details of safeguarding staff members are in reception and around the school.



Our school building is designed in a way that does not allow anyone to enter the school uninvited. The students’ entrance to the school is only open for a limited period each morning and during that time the staff on duty monitor who is entering the building. All other visitors are received at the main school entrance where there are security measures in place. All visitors must sign our visitors’ book before they are allowed into the main school building.

Fencing surrounds the outside of the school supported with a CCTV security system monitored by the Senior Leadership Team. 


Sex Education

At Ash Green School, we deal with questions of a sexual nature in a caring and sympathetic way, appropriate to the age of the child with the enquiry. Our students are taught about human reproduction as part of their PSHE and science curriculums. 


Sixth Form

At Ash Green we have a successful and growing Sixth Form. We take a great deal of time and care throughout Year 10 and 11 to ensure our students have the right type of independent advice and guidance, so students can make informed decisions about the best courses of study in order to prepare them for the future. Our Sixth Form is not just about academic success and giving our young people the best quality learning and teaching experiences but about focusing upon the whole individual during this most formative time in their development.





Smoking is not permitted on school premises at any time.


Special events

From time to time the school will arrange and/or be involved in special events. Notice of these will be sent out to all our parents and when appropriate parents and friends will be invited to join us.


Special Educational Needs

We follow the new SEND procedures introduced in 2014. Students with special need/disability are offered support based on need in relation to academic data or other relevant factors.


Student Leaders

Prefects are appointed by the school and are selected from applicant from Year 10 and Year 12 during the summer term. Each applicant would be required to complete an expression of interest form and attend an interview with the senior staff. Successful applicants then begin their duties at the end of Year 10 and Year 12. Each prefect is given different color polo shirts with new logos. There are also a number of training events to introduce the prefects’ to their new roles and status within the school. We believe that being a prefect is an honor and those that serve the school do so because of their commitment and willingness to support the whole school community.





Ash Green School now has a Twitter account linked to our Facebook page as a way of communicating with our students, parents and the wider community to share school announcements, celebrate school and student success as well as sharing classroom/school information @AshGreen_School





AGS expects high standards in dress and appearance to promote a strong sense of community, professionalism and shared purpose. Our uniform is designed to be simple, affordable and to allow students to feel valued and comfortable at school. 

We are a place of work with risks and hazards. Movement around the school can become congested and involves the regular use of stairs. Students learn through practical activity. It is important that students are dressed safely.

Any student who presents in an unacceptable manner will be sent home by a senior staff member to correct matters. Parents are advised to consult with the school before students choose to have their hair cut or wear clothes in seasonal fashion styles.

Embroidered logo items are available from: Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd (02476-848800), Newtown Road, Bedworth, Warwickshire, CV12 8QR.




Vertical Tutoring

Vertical tutoring is a system of organising students into tutor groups that places their academic and pastoral care at the heart of everything we do at Ash Green School. Students are in tutor groups of no more than 25, each tutor group has a mixture of students from each year group, three or four from each year.

It allows the form tutor to know every student well, allows us to mentor and monitor the development of potential in each student. It promotes equal opportunities for all students, greater parent partnership, enhanced student voice and student leadership, and encourages good citizenship. We have 32 tutor groups, led by four Heads of College and four Pastoral Managers, responsible for the pastoral care of all students in their college.



The school has a Visits policy, which all staff must follow in order to take students on any trips, visits or outings for any reason. The policy requires the completion of an initial EV0 form to gain permission to plan a visit. Once permission is granted, form EV1 is completed and students are invited to attend by letter also requesting medical information. This is also accompanied by an in-depth risk assessment. No visit shall take place without the satisfactory completion of all required paperwork.





Our website www.ashgreenschool.org.uk is managed by the school. We will endeavor to post latest news and photo galleries as each term passes. The website also contains various policies and procedures that may be of interest, along with information about the school.





It is very important that to do well at school each student gets good quality sleep.