Dress Code


New School Uniform

Following consultation with students, parents, and staff, at the Local Governing Body meeting held on Monday 8 May 2017 it has been agreed that the Ash Green School uniform will change from September 2017.

The Governing Body carefully considered the two uniform options presented during the consultation. Having considered feedback from parents and students, the black version of the new school uniform and a new supplier of uniform were chosen.


As discussed at the meeting, the supplier of the current uniform will change. It is with pleasure that we announce our new supplier will be Cat Ballou Original Ltd.

 The Governing Body is confident that Cat Ballou will offer parents the following benefits:  

  • Pricing. As a school, we have negotiated three competitively priced value packs for parents. The ‘Value Packs’ are designed to offer ease and value when changing to the new uniform.
  • The quality of the new school uniform is excellent. As a long-term supplier of school uniforms to several other schools across Coventry, Cat Ballou are well placed to provide sufficient uniform at the correct quality to Ash Green School parents.
  • Supply and Delivery. For the first time the Ash Green School uniform will be available to purchase online. Delivery can be made to the school free of charge, alternatively you can order and collect the uniform directly from the supplier, or have the uniform delivered directly to your home address*:

 Cat Ballou Original Ltd.



1-3 The Burgess







024 76555499


0247 76555383





 *Delivery to home addresses will incur a £5.00 delivery charge.

Families facing financial difficulty are encouraged to contact the school on 02476 36 6772 or by emailing enquiries@ashgreenschool.org.uk so that we can identify appropriate ways to support the purchase of the new uniform.



Sixth Form Dress Code

Please find the guidelines of our dress code below, which will be in effect from 1st September 2017. The Sixth Form Team will ensure that these standards are met.

General appearance

  • The emphasis of the dress code is on creating an overall smart appearance rather than individual items or aspects. Staff discretion will be used to judge if appearance is appropriate or not.
  • Hair should be of a natural colour.
  • Jewellery should be discrete (for example, stud earrings) with no facial piercings. Clear retainers are acceptable.
  • Fake nails must be of a reasonable length (just above the fingertip). To be in line with the rest of the school nail code and suitable for the subjects you are studying.
  • Tattoos or other ‘body art’ should be completely covered up, at all times, including PE and enrichment.


  • Wearing a jacket is optional. The jacket should be of a suit style.
  • Not allowed: casual jackets, leather jackets, denim jackets, bomber jackets, tracksuit tops, or hooded jackets.


  • A smart blouse or shirt with a discrete pattern, such as a pinstripe or print pattern.
  • Not allowed: T shirts (of any description), logoed shirts (e.g. sports manufacturers, teams, bands etc.), strappy tops, Hawaiian shirts, blouses with plunging necklines, see through fabrics, or crop tops of any description. Jumpers
  • Wearing a jumper is optional. A plain jumper, V-neck jumper or cardigan must be worn over a shirt or blouse. The jumper must be of a professional office style.
  • Not allowed: hoodies, body warmers, chunky knit items, or sweatshirts. Ties and Scarves
  • Wearing a tie or scarf is optional, but must be a professional office style scarf or tie.


  • Tailored or professional office style dresses, knee length or below.
  • The length of skirts and dresses must be considered when both standing and seated.
  • Not allowed: body con dresses, backless or revealing necklines, dresses that finish above knee length, see through fabric, leggings, branding or logos.


  • A smart office style skirt to be worn, knee length or below.
  • The length of skirts and dresses must be considered when both standing and seated.
  • Not allowed: body con skirts, skirts shorter than knee length, leggings, branding or logos.


  • Trousers must be of either full length professional style, or tailored cropped trousers. Culottes are acceptable.
  • Not allowed: leggings, jeggings, jeans, jean style trousers, harem trousers, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, playsuits, skin tight trousers, branding or logos. Shoes
  • Shoes or boots must be smart and suitable for a day at school or work.
  • Heels must be a reasonable height, excessive heels are not permitted.
  • Not allowed: canvas pumps, trainers, sandals, backless shoes, open toe shoes.


  • Outdoor coats can be worn to and from school in the event of inclement weather, but must be removed during all timetabled commitments.
  • Not allowed: hoodies, denim jackets, tracksuit tops, body warmers, leather jackets, bomber jackets.


  • Bags must be suitable for purpose, and both sensible and functional. Students need to consider both the space provided (e.g. size of an A4 folder) and weather proofing of any bag used for a day at school or work. Please see images opposite for a visual guide