December 2016 Forum

Is it possible to provide students lockers?

As our new build design takes shape, the school is working closely with architects to establish ways that lockers could be incorporated into the building design. A further ‘New Build Update’ will be provided at the next Parent Forum on Tuesday 24th January.


Any plans for teaching GCSE Music?

As part of the Creative Education Trust we have a clear vision for developing the curriculum to incorporate creative opportunities for our students. We currently offer Music at Key Stage 3. Music would be included as a GCSE option if a significant number of students expressed an interest to study Music at Level 2.


Our School on CBBC – there is a rumour it’s happening again?

As a school we are delighted that so many students annually choose Ash Green School as their first choice provider for secondary education in the area. We have no plans to engage in media promotion of this type at this time.


Disadvantaged students – How will you push them forward/encourage them?

At Ash Green School we work extremely hard to ensure that all students make progress and achieve. This is closely reflected in our GCSE results, which show that students (disadvantaged included) make more progress than similar students elsewhere in the country.

We utilise Pupil Premium funding to support the accelerated progress and attainment of our disadvantaged students. In 2016/17 this equates to £252,720. To see how this money is being spent in school please click here.


Collective Discipline – Is it policy for whole tutor groups / classes to be disciplined?

This approach to discipline is not supported by Ash Green School and does not feature as part of our behaviour policy.


Students are given different amounts of homework. Why is this?

As a school we have recently reviewed and launched a new homework policy. Our expectation is that frequency and length of homework varies depending on Key Stage.

Frequency and Recording of Homework

The amount of homework will vary by year group.

In Key Stage 3 (Year 7 & 8) the minimum expectation for English, Maths and Science is one piece of homework weekly and for all other subjects’ one piece of homework per subject per fortnight will be set.

In Key Stage 4 (Year 9,10 and 11) the frequency of homework is expected to increase due to the demands of courses.  The minimum expectation is one piece of homework per week for all subjects.


Staffing issues – any more leaving/being recruited?

Like most schools in the UK Ash Green School has struggled to recruit teachers in some specialist subject areas such as Mathematics, English and Physics. As a school we are committed to recruiting the best teachers from across the World; often meaning that our commitment to recruitment goes beyond that of some other schools. This strategy is working and has resulted in our school being fully staffed including these more challenging subject areas for the Spring term. (Correct at January 2017)

Alongside our recruitment strategy we have been working very hard to retain our best teachers who we hope will see Ash Green School as an excellent choice for their ongoing career development.


Behaviour Policy – Are figures for red/amber greatly improving? Students can see an improvement.

Behaviour at Ash Green School continues to improve and we are delighted that students are seeing the difference.

Our work in the Spring Term is centred around developing students’ independence and attitudes to learning.


Harry French, Principal